Floor Edging Trim

When we want to do some renovating work to give ours a new look to enhance the aesthetic sense, the first thing comes into our mind is to change the flooring in order to give our...

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Carpet Trimming

A carpet is a beautiful decorative piece that you can add to enhance the aesthetics your room. However, the weak point is their edge that faces the problem almost every time. This...

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Transition Profiles

The Orego Metal Co. provides the widespread selection of various useful, artistic, and functional elements for the transition profiles. The transition profiles of Orego Metal Co....

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Flooring Trim

Floor trim provides your room a more finished look regardless the types of the flooring that you are going to be installed. For different types of flooring, Orego Metal Co. offers...

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Floor Trim

The flooring options that are available today are vast and this gives people the opportunity to try out newer varieties and designs in flooring. Though the options available are vast, there are certain issues related to flooring that can be seen in most flooring types. Transition of floors, the corners of flooring, etc, is some of the common issues we get to see with floorings. To help overcome such issues, quality aluminium flooring trim like those made by Orego Metal Co. are now available in the market. There is a wide range of aluminium flooring options available for people to choose from and this has increased the popularity of aluminium flooring. Orego Metal Co. manufactures some of the best aluminium flooring products that are available in the market today.

Flooring trim can be used to hide any defects that may have occurred while laying the flooring or simple to enhance the beauty of the flooring. There are different types of flooring trim available in the market and metalwork companies like Orego Metal Co., are constantly bringing out newer models of flooring trim regularly. This has given the interior designers and architects, the option to innovate with their design by using this aluminium flooring trim. Though there are many flooring trim available in the market, Orego Metal Co. is renowned for manufacturing flooring trim that are of very high quality, finish and precision. All aluminium products manufactured by Orego Metal Co. are by CNC machines and this allows the company to maintain very high levels of precision during the manufacturing process.

The use of floor edging trim in floors is primarily to hide any defects in flooring due to improper installation. These types of installation issues can be found usually in corners where the floor meets the wall. In such areas, grout is used to seal off any gaps in the flooring. However, the grout can impair the beauty of the floor. To help cover such irregularities, quality floor edging trim, like those made by Orego Metal Co. are used. Floor edging trim can also be used in tile countertops to provide protection for the tile edges. Orego Metal Co. manufactures floor edging trim that can be used instead of grout to line the edges of the tiles.

Use of flooring trim at places where two types of flooring meet is also commonly seen today. Whenever two flooring types meet, there is a possibility of problems at these transitions and by using quality transition profiles like the ones that Orego Metal Co. makes we can ensure that the damage to the flooring can be avoided. Transition profiles are used commonly in areas where carpeted flooring is used. Orego Metal Co. manufactures transition profiles that can be used in transition that occurs between two types of carpeted flooring or when there is a transition between carpeted flooring and other flooring type. Carpeted flooring are prone to damages a lot more when compared to other flooring types and therefore flooring trims for carpet are available in plenty.

Whenever carpet is installed on the floor, the carpet installers will have to do carpet trimming. The process of carpet rimming is a very delicate process that has to be done with a lot of care. Any wrong move can render that part of the carpet unusable. Instead of carpet trimming, one can use corner trims made for carpeted floors to secure the carpet. Such trims are made by renowned companies like Orego Metal Co, and are available in various options in the market. The quality and finish of carpet trimming trim is important, as it will influence the look of the entire flooring. Therefore, Orego Metal Co. manufactures trims that are of very high quality and finish to complement any type of flooring available in the market.

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